III. 4. A global unicity?



 Observe and identify – Hats from all over the world

 Listen and repeat – Countries and nationalities

 Observe and express yourself – How well can you identify the following logos ? Which ones do you associate yourself with ? 

flashypink Let’s check how much you remember about quantifiers

 Designer clothes ? Complete the blanks with little or few.

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Present simple 

 Observe and express yourself – dishes from all over the world (PPT document)


 Observe and describe – A typical shopping centre / shopping mall

 Observe and describe – We are the world

 Read and develop your own point of view

light_blue Globalisation – Worksheet

 Describe, comment on and get inspired 

 Describe and analyse

 Listen and débate


 Observe and give your point of view

 Vocabulary : Globalization

 Read and debate

 Get ready to express yourself orally


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