III. 2. Looking forward to a greener future?



 Describe the cartoon – Organic food

 Words to remember – Greener future 

gris  Revise how to compare two elements with comparative adjectives

 Observe and express yourself 

  Natural disasters 

 Show you know : Natural disasters

 Watch and read to obtain information

flashypink Show you know how to compare the weather conditions today and in the past

gris  Revise how to compare one elements with all the other ones with superlative adjectives

flashypink Practise : comparative and superlatives adjectives

litegreensq Words ending in -tion – effects of global warming

 Observe and express yourself – man-made or natural disasters? (pictures)

 Read and show you understand


 Observe and spot the problem – Polar bear (poster)

 Observe and comment – what causes global warming (pie chart)

 Observe and comment on the issue – the effects of global warming (diaporama ppt)

 Revise how to talk about pollution

 Words to remember – Environment 

 Watch and listen to information

 Read to develop your knowledge and vocabulary – Global warming 

light_blue Worksheet – Global warming


 Observe and comment

gris Revise how to talk about future events

 Watch and listen to debate

 Read to obtain information

gris Revise how to talk about permission, obligation, interdiction, ….

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