I. 1. Sean Ferguson – Schon vergessen

evolutionContinuity and changes


 Revise how to identify visual documents

 Revise how to situate elements in a picture

 Introduce yourself – guided improvisation /  printable word document

 Family ties – printable word document

 Revise how to conjugate BE

light_blue Worksheet – preposition of location

 Fill in the blanks with the right preposition each time

 Show you know ! Look, sound, smell, taste and feel + LIKE or nothing

 Show you know ! Complete the blanks with look, sound, smell, taste or feel 

gris Learn how to express likelihood / probability


 Watch, describe and comment – Immigrants in New York

 Revise how to describe someone ‘s physical appearance

 Describe someone in very few words

flashypink Practise ! HAVE + how to express possession

 Revise how to conjugate HAVE

 Show you know how to use BE

gris Revise when to use BE and HAVE (got)

gris Learn how to form compound adjectives

 Revise how to talk about someone’s personality


 Describe and comment – ghettos in New York

 Describe and comment – leaving New York Harbor

 Listen, watch and take notes – Immigrants 

 Listen and repeat – Countries and nationalities

 Read to get information – Leaving the land of opportunity

gris Revise when and how to use the Past Simple

  List of irregular verbs

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Past simple

flashypink Practise ! The Past simple 

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