II. 1. Through the looking glass



Appearence and identity

 Observe and identify – Hats from all over the world

 Listen and repeat – Countries and nationalities

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Present simple 

gris Revise when and how to use the Present simple

 Loner or Pleaser ? – Read and find out ! 

 Likes or dislikes ? Express yourself 

 Observe and express yourself – The perfect selfie

 Observe and express yourself – I need to post this ! 


Distorting mirror 

 Observe and give your opinion – Cyber harassment doc 1

 Observe and give your opinion – Cyber harassment doc 2

Greensquare Expressions or sentences to talk about your social life

 Watch and identify the different forms of cyberbullying

 Read and express your feelings – Cyberbullying

light_blue Worksheet – Cyberbullying

 Show you know how to use participial adjectives 

flashypink Practise ! – Present simple / cyberbullying

 Read to develop a new point of view and react 

litegreensq Listen and discriminate :  /eid/ or /id/ ?

 Watch and make suggestions 



Broken mirror

 Listen and take notes 

gris Revise how to use an infinitive clause

 Watch and describe

flashypink Let’s check how well you know Dexter

light_blue Dexter – Pre reading tasks

 Read to obtain information – Pretending “Dexter”

 Get ready to express yourself orally

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