On a deserted island – vocabulary

The circumstances :
A journey beyond the confines of the known or civlized world
A journey to some imaginary realm
To be shipwrecked / castaway
To be the sole survivor of a shipwreck
To survive a plane crash

The result :
To be stranded (=marooned) on a desert island
To find oneself alone / to feel lonely
To be cut off from the rest of the world
To be isolated
To suffer

The obstacles :
Strangeness of one’s new environment
To face  and to go through unexpected hardships

Feelings : 
To feel threatened
–  trapped
– lonely
– depressed

The way out :
To recover from the initial shock
To be released from this abnormal world
To make one’s escape from this abnormal world
To return to the safety of one’s familiar world
To be taken off the island back to civilisation