III. 1. Discipline and Punish


 Observe and comment on – In cage with Mr Whiskers

 Listen and try to understand – Maria Montessori

 Read the following article about ways to educate your child outside the classroom to improve your knowledge and vocabulary

gris Revise how to talk about something (im)possible, mandatory, (un)necessary, … with an auxiliary


 Observe and express yourself about this idea of democracy

 Observe and express yourself – What do YOU think of politicians ?

 Listen and debate

 Read and debate : Is western democracy in danger?


 Observe and express yourself – Juvenile losing the plot

 Observe and express yourself – in adult garb

 Listen and debate – https://edpuzzle.com/join/vevukus

 Read and study – Youth Offenders

gris Revise when and how to use the passive voice

 Read and study – Cyntoia is Free

 Correction CE “Cyntoia is Free”, part 1

 Correction CE “Cyntoia is Free”, part 2

Greensquare Expressions or sentences to talk about Freedom and imprisonment

 Get ready to express yourself orally

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