IV. 3. The end of human plagues


 Read and try to understand a literary text – “A Journal of the Plague Year”

  Revise the vocabulary of aches and pains

 Listen and repeat (aches and diseases)

 Listen and repeat (body parts)

 The human body

 Listen and try to understand – (pay particular attention to the first part)


 Observe and express your point of view – Benetton aids campaign controversy

 Read to improve your knowledge – History of Aids in the USA

 Listen and try to gather information about the way AIDS was dealt with in the 1980s

 Listen and try to understand – French teen in ‘unprecedented’ remission from HIV


 Observe and express yourself – Cartoon : Voice-activated navigation

 Try to memorise the following words – They’ll be useful to describe the next document

 Observe and describe

 Observe and describe

 Read to obtain information – Orwell’s Brave New World (Word printable version here)

light_blue Brave new world – worksheet

 Follow the link if you want to know more about Eugenics / Eugenism

 Follow the link if you want to know more about sex-selective abortions

 Listen and try to understand – The history of vaccines

 Describe and comment – Pasteur at work

 Read and discuss

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