I. 2. Why do we need heroes ?


 Brainstorming – ‘Heroes and superheroes’

 Listen and try to understand – the real definition of a hero

 Observe and say what you know – A real hero

 Read to develop your knowledge about the origin of superheroes

light_blue Superheroes – worksheet


 Describe and comment – An icon from the 90s

 Describe Xena’s outfit

 Read and show you understand – Xena, a feminist icon

 Listen and comment

 Read and express your point of view – Catharsis in a cape

light_blue Batman – worksheet



 Listen and give your point of view – Heroes or victims ?


 Listen and give your point of view – 09/11 faker


 Read and discuss – How ‘heroes’ are mythified

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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