III. 2. Through dust and debris


 Observe and describe – skyscraper workers

 Observe and show you know Manhattan

 New York : sites of interest

 Find your way in Manhattan

 Changes in New York

 Listen and try to understand


 Observe, describe and discuss – 70s advert for asbestos in the WTC

 Read to obtain information about the early years of the WTC

 Listen, understand and take notes

 Read and show you understand – Survivors’ testimonies


 Describe and comment – Ground Zero

 Read and discuss – Why were the Twin Towers chosen ?

 Listen and debate – the conspiracy theories debunked

 Listen and show you understand  – Ground Zero Museum


Read and show you understand – Spreading cancers after 09/11

 Listen and debate – The victim who wasn’t even there

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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