III. 3. Paved with good intentions


 Describe and say what you know – Christian martyrs in Rome

 Listen and take notes – the Catholic inquisition

 Read and show you understand – A literary excerpt about inquisition

 Listen and discuss – Galileo Galilei and the inquisition


 Describe and say what you know – Women in burqa

 Listen and take notes – Magdalene Laundries

 Read to improve your knowledge – The practice of Sati


 Describe and say what you know – Cartoon : Faith salesmen

 Describe and say what you know – Cartoon : Leasing option

  Listen and express your own point of view (pay careful attention to the introduction)


  Listen to this free audible excerpt of ‘The Electric Church’ (Jeff Somers) and show you understand


 Read to improve your writing – Origins of religion, according to Devdutt Patanaik

 If you want to know more about Devdutt Patanaik, follow the link ! (Section 8 )

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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