II. 1. Moving abroad


 Observe and express yourself

 Listen and try to understand

 Read to develop your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary – The grand tour of Europe

 Read and show you understand – An excerpt from Stevenson’s novel ‘An inland voyage’


 Describe and comment – students studying abroad

 Listen and say what you know

 Read and show you understand – the Erasmus programme

 If you want to know more about Erasmus of Rotterdam, follow the link


 Describe and comment – International mobility

 Describe and comment – the benefits of studying abroad

 Listen and take notes – life after Erasmus

 Describe and use – Distance calculator

 If you want to know more about Erasmus, the programme, follow this link

 Exploit a wordclould – Moving abroad

 Describe and comment – Job abroad

 Describe a cartoon- Moving abroad

 Describe the cover of a book – A year in the merde

 Read and show you understand – Adjusting to a new country

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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