II. 2. Who needs a global language ?


 Describe and say what you know – The Pilgrim Fathers

 Read to develop your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary – Migrating for religious reasons only ?

 Ad exposure – Brands and slogans

 Describe and comment – Daily media and ad exposure

 Read to obtain information – English  exposure through ads

light_blue Ad exposure – worksheet

 Listen and try to understand – Red nose day
Afficher l'image d'origine


 Describe and comment – Generation gap

 Read to obtain information – English changes : left in the dark

 Read and show you understand – Frenglish

 Listen and try to understand – When you feel ‘lost in space’ …



 Describe and comment – The only global language

 Describe and comment – English, a global language?

 Listen and try to understand – How English became a global language

 Read to obtain information – Why has English become a global language ?

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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