IV. 4. What I owe you


 Read and try to understand a literary text – “My Sister’s Keeper” (Jodi Picoult)

  Revise the vocabulary of aches and pains

 Listen and repeat (aches and diseases)

 Listen and repeat (body parts)

 The human body



 Observe and express your point of view – Which country has the hightest donation rate?

 Read to improve your knowledge – History of organ transplant

 Listen and try to gather information about organ transplantation

Show you know : organs to transplant


 Observe and express yourself – Cartoon : kidney-shaped

 Try to memorise the following words – They’ll be useful to describe the next document

 Read and try to understand – Rufus and Herbie

gris Revise how to conjugate and use a verb in the second and third conditionals

flashypink Practise : the second and third conditional

 Follow the link if you want to know more about organ transplantations