Gap-fill exercise

Find the right verb (look, sound, smell, taste, feel) and add LIKE if necessary.
1) We're late. Listen! We must hurry up because the teacher angry.
2) Yuck! Don't eat this cheese! It rubber!
3) Gee! You must wash your feet immediately! They awful! They old cheese!
4) Yummy! This burger delicious!
5) His hands ice.
6) Touch this! It silk, doesn't it?
7) She gorgeous! She a top model!
8) This voice Dad's, but I'm not sure...
9) His idea great!
10) You really tired. Why don't you just sit down and relax?

Word bank :
to hurry up = se dépêcher
rubber = du cahoutchouc
Yummy = Miam miam
silk = de la soie
gorgeous = magnifique