What's the English for... ?

Test your knowledge !!

Find the right answer each each time!


Se lever le matin
 a Wake up
 b Get up
 c Get dressed
 d Get ready

Prendre le repas de midi
 a Have breakfast
 b Have lunch
 c Have a snack
 d Have dinner

Aller à l'ecole a pied
 a Go to school by bus
 b Go to school by car
 c Walk to school
 d Drive to school

L'ecole commence a 8 heures du matin
 a School starts at 8 pm
 b School finishes at 8 pm
 c School starts at 8 am
 d School finishes at 8 am

A midi, je mange a l'ecole.
 a I have lunch at home
 b I have lunch at school
 c I have lunch at the restaurant
 d I have a quick snack

L'ecole finit a 5 heures de l'apres-midi
 a School starts at 5 pm
 b School finishes at 5pm
 c School starts at 5 am
 d School finishes at 5am

Je fais mes devoirs
 a I do my housework
 b I make my bed
 c I do my homework
 d I tidy my bedroom

Apres le diner, je regarde la television
 a After dinner, I watch TV
 b Before dinner, I watch TV
 c After dinner, I look at the TV
 d Before dinner, I look at the TV

Je prends une douche
 a I have a wash
 b I have a bath
 c I have a shower
 d I have a snack

10 Je me brosse les dents
 a I brush my hair
 b I comb my hair
 c I brush my tooth
 d I brush my teeth


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