Present or Past participles?

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps!
Last night, I felt a bit (depressed / depressing) so I decided to watch "The Night of the Sewer Monster", which was supposed to be an (excited / exciting) film.
It was about a (terrified / terrifying) creature creeping out of a manhole.
It was absolutely (horrified / horrifying) .
It attacked this (petrified / petrifying) girl but she managed to run away. She was so (shocked / shocking) that she lost her mobile so she couldn't call anyone. She was (exhausted / exhausting ) when she reached the police station but no one there believed her story. She felt (devastated / devastating) .
But the end of the film was (disappointed / disappointing) and to be honest, I was (bored / boring) to death.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Word bank:
Believe = croire
Creep = ramper
Manhole = trou d'égout
Run away = se sauver
Reach = atteindre
Sewer = égout