Fill in the blanks with the correct Wh- words

"- was Sitting Bull born?

- He was born in the Grand River Region."

"- old was he when he killed his first buffalo?

- He was only ten years old."

"- did Sitting Bull's tribe fight against when he was a teenager?

- They fought against the Crow."

" - was the main source of proteins in the Indian diet?

- Meat from wild animals, like the buffalo."

"- did the battle of Little Big Horn take place?

- It took place in 1876."

"- regiment was defeated at the battle of Little Big Horn?

- Custer's 7th cavalry regiment was defeated."

"- US soldiers died during the battle?

- 1/3 of Custer's soldiers died, 268 men to be precise."

"- were the Indians chiefs convinced that they would win the battle?

- Because Sitting Bull had a vision of US soldiers attacking their camp."