"- Gosh! You look exhausted!
- Tell me about it! I've just to the swimming-pool!"
"- Hello, Mrs Muffin, is Jane in?
- Sorry, Bill, she has to a friend's place.
My parents are not at home, tonight.
They have to the cinema.
Look! The fridge is full.
Mum has to the supermarket.
"- I need to talk to Mr Benson urgently!
- Sorry, sir. He has just out!"
My dad has all over the world.
Ask him! He'll tell you about his last trip to China.
I've just to the hairdresser's.
Do you like my new haircut?
Oh, no! Mum has to the supermarket.
But look! Her wallet is on the table!
I know why he is so fluent in Italian.
He has to Rome several times.
"I've just out and don't know when I'll be back.
Please, leave a message on my answering machine."