Have/ has been or Have/ has gone?

1- Look, Amy and Cathy shopping : the fridge is full!
2- Ben to the hairdresser's : he won't be back before 6 o'clock.
3- Tom to the swimming-pool : look, his hair is still wet!
4- " I don't know where you but we've been waiting for you since 10 am!"
5- Tom's dad all over the world : he is a travel agent, you see.
6- "Sorry, Sarah is not in. She to the cinema with her friends."
7- Tom and Ben are not outside the sports centre : they must to the Cactus Café.
8- Ben to the hairdresser's! Do you like his new haircut?
9- Tom can't eat tonight : he to the dentist's and his jaw is still painful.
10- Oh, no! Amy's mum to the supermarket but she has forgotten her wallet!