Present or Past participles?

Last night, I felt a bit depress so I decided to watch "The Night of the Sewer Monster", which was supposed to be an excit film.
It was about a terrify creature creeping out of a manhole.
It was absolutely horrify.
It attacked this petrifi girl but she managed to run away. She was so shock that she lost her mobile so she couldn't call anyone. She was exhaust when she reached the police station but no one there believed her story. She felt devastat.
But the end of the film was disappoint and to be honest, I was bor to death.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Word bank:

Believe = croire
Creep = ramper
Manhole = trou d'égout
Run away = se sauver
Reach = atteindre
Sewer = égout