II. 3. Face to face

 Observe and express yourself – Love & hatred

 Revise how to use adjectives + a preposition

Practise! Worksheet – Feelings

Practise! Feelings : – ed or -ing?

 Read, learn and try to remember : Poetry

 What is poetry ? ppt document (source : www.bwctc.northants.sch.uk)

Practise! Practise ! Write rhyming lines

 Read and show you understand – Merry-Go-Round (Langston Hughes)1_banner1

 How much do you know about race relations from the end of the Civil War to 1969 ?

 Observe and comment – white slaves

 Read to obtain information – The white slave children of New Orleans

 Listen and discuss – The drop

 Read and show you understand- The tragedy of Puddin’ Head Wilson

 Observe and express yourself – Album cover of ‘Strange fruit’

 Listen and try to understand

 Read to obtain information – The founding of Liberia

 Listen and express your feelings

 To know more about the US Black population, follow this link