I am what I am


 Read and give information about Kayo Chingonyi (country of origin – country of residence – occupation)

 Watch and find out more about Kayo Chingonyi

flashypink Listen to Kayo’s interview and complete the blanks

 a) Read the following definition and find in Kayo’s interview the word it refers to : “The offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties or a thing made by combining two different elements.
b) According to you, why did Kayo choose that particular word? 
Find elements in the text to justify that choice.

 Revise : What is poetry?

Practise! Practise ! Write rhyming lines

 Listen to Kayo Chingonyi reading ‘Naturalized Citizens’

 Read to get information – “Naturalized Citizens”


Train for the exam

(Original video https://youtu.be/CM4urRhnAgU)