I. 1. From myths to icons


 How much do you know about Greek / Latin gods and goddesses ?

 Revise how to identify visual documents

 Discuss and remember : Theories of composition

 Revise how to situate elements on a picture

 Observe and express yourself – Promethus (Elsie Russell, 1994)

 The theory of composition

 How much do you know about Greek mythology ?

 Hero or villain ?

 Villains !

litegreensq Pronounciation : The myth of Oedipus

 Read to develop your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary – The myth of Oedipus (word printable version here)

 Watch the pictures and tell Oedipus’ story in your own words

light_blue  Written comprehension – Oedipus

flashypink Purpose and means – Oedipus

 Listen and try to understand

 How much do you know about psychoanalysis ?

Greensquare Expressions or sentences to talk about fate and superstitions


 Observe and say what you know – Pygmalion and Galatea

 Read to enrich your vocabulary

gris  Revise how to talk about states in the past which are no longer true

 Revise the vocabulary of the human body

 Listen and repeat (body parts)

 Read and discuss : Why do we need superheroes?


 Describe and say what you know – The Birth of Venus (Boticelli)

 Observe and compare – Marylin Monroe

 Listen and show you understand

 Describe and say what you know – Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe series

 Read and show you understand – Aristotle’s definition of tragedy

 Listen and take notes


 To know more about Marilyn Monroe’s life, follow this link

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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