My daily routine

I wake up I get up I get dressed
I have breakfast I go to school I have lunch at school
I go back home I do my homework I relax
I watch TV I play video games I have a shower
I brush my hair I brush my teeth I go to bed



At seven o’clock, I have breakfast.
At twelve, I have lunch.
At four o’clock, I have a snack.
At seven o’clock, I have dinner / supper.

A glass of orange juice / of water
A mug of tea
A cup of cocoa
A cup of coffee / black coffee ? white coffee / with sugar ? without sugar
A can of soda
A bottle of milk

A typical English breakfast

A bowl of cereals
One or two slices of toasted bread with butter, jam or marmelade
Bacon and eggs
Baked beans (Yummy!)
Orange juice, coffee, tea or cocoa


 Remember !

Have got = avoir, posséder 
Ex : I have got a brother and a sister. Have you got a pet? They haven’t got a big car.
to have  = faire, prendre, passer…
Ex :
Have a shower, a bath = prendre une douche, un bain
Have a dream = faire un rêve
Have a good time = passer un bon moment
Have a break = faire une pause
Have a cup of white coffee = prendre une tasse de café au lait.


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