Physical activities and pastimes


To go swimming,  you need:
– a swimsuit (a swimming-costume, swimming trunks)
– goggles
– a swimming cap
– a towel



To play tennis, you need :
– a tennis outfit
– a tennis racket
– tennis balls
– tennis shoes
– a net
– a headband, one or two wristbands


To ride a horse, you need :  
– a riding cap/ a riding hat (=a helmet)
– leather gloves
– riding boots
jodhpurs (=joddies)
a riding crop
a saddle
To go skating, you need:
– rollerskates or rollerblades
 – kneepads
special gloves  
    To go skiing, you need :  

– a pair of skis
– a pair of poles
special boots
skiing clothing ( a warm anorak or jacket, warm trousers, a hat, thick gloves…)
– a helmet 





To play football, you need : 

 – a football jersey (= a shirt) + a pair of shorts
padded socks to protect your shins
football shoes (=football boots)
a football ball (=a soccer ball)  



To ride a bike, you need :  



a bike with a comfortable saddle
a crash helmet
bike shorts
bike gloves

  To play table tennis (ping-pong), you need :  

– a ping-pong paddle (= a table tennis racket)
– ping-pong balls
a ping-pong table  

 Examples of team sports :  

– basketball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, baseball, waterpolo  

Examples of individual sports :  

– judo, karate, wrestling, boxing, racing,  




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