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Lesson 1
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 When you meet someone for the first time

Lesson 1

 Be + adjective vs Avoir + un nom. Match them up ! 

 How much do you know about Hastings?

 Try to fill in the blanks with verbs in the Simple Present

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Simple Present

 Show your agreement with the following statements

 SO or Neither? Complete the following sentences.

 Find the right auxiliary / modal verb each time !

 Memory game : “Family links”

 Family links : a list of the different members in a family

 Useful topics and relevant questions when you meet someone for the first time

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Lesson 2

What are you like? (Personality and physical description)

 Facial expressions

 Present or past participles?

 Learn how to talk about your personality -1

 Learn how to talk about your personality -2

 Learn how to talk about your personality -3

 A list of participial adjectives. Many thanks to my  former pupils  (Médina, Ines, Vincent, Perrine, etc…) for their relevant suggestions!

  Memory game : Participial adjectives

 Activities created by my pupils of year 9 (Maureen, Michelle, …)

 Crossword puzzle : Participial adjectives

 Height and build : useful expressions

 Describe somebody’s hair

 Hair colours

 Describe their haircuts! Mind the order of the adjectives!

 Crossword puzzle : adjectives to describe somebody’s hair

Simple Present & Present Continuous

 How much do you remember about today’s dialogue? Tick the right answers!

 Simple Present or Present Continuous? – I –

 How well do you understand colloquial expressions? Match these up!

 Let’s play, with or without THE?

 Simple Present or Present Continuous? – II –

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Lesson 3

 Games : the Simple past

Likes and dislikes

 Match them up !

 Find the right preposition each time

 A list of prepositional adjectives

Leisure activities

 Listen and repeat! Words listening to the lexical field of ‘leisure activities’ (American speaker)

 Sports and leisure activities : accessories 

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William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings

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  1. William the conqueror was a conqueror and a powerful King. He conquered all England. After his father’s death, he became the new duke of Normandy at the age of 8.

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