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  Revise how to conjugate a verb in the simple future

 How much do you know about South Africa?

 Come and visit South Africa! (Admire this wonderful diaporama – thank you very much, Lofti!)

 Learn how to talk about geographical features

 Read the following definitions and try to find the geographical features they refer to

 Fill in the blanks with the right geographical features

 Check if you know the following means of transport

 How much do you remember about the dialogue between the Head and the lady from the South African Embassy?



Wild elephant in the Kruger Park


Revise how to conjugate Can

 Revise how to conjugate Must

 Learn how to talk about wild animals

 Listen to the sound they make and identify the following animals

 Learn how to talk about accomodation, hotels, B & Bs, guest houses and lodges, of course !

 Discover South African national parks

 Complete the following text with verbs in the simple future or simple present.

 Visiting the Kruger Park will be a fantastic experience, but what will the pupils of 9B have to do? What won’t they be allowed to do?


 Learn how to describe an en suite bedroom (Flash required to read the page!)

 The pupils of 9B will have to respect the rules in the Kruger Park. What else will they have to / be allowed to / be able to do?

 Comparatives or superlatives? Identify each form!

 Comparatives or superlatives? Choose the correct ending, -er or -est!

 Do the same exercise with MORE or MOST


South Africa, a multi-cultural country

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