A pot noeldle!

Pot Noodle is a must in the United Kingdom. In just 2mn you can make a delicious soup by adding boiling water to deshydrated noodles. The company has just launched a new flavour for Christmas. So watch this Youtube video and try to answer the questions using the present continuous (=be + -ing)
YouTube Preview Image

 First check the time 1) and then press the pause button 2) Press it again to watch the rest of the video

1 ) What is the old lady doing to the poor cat? [5s] 2 ) What is happening to the boy in the yellow jersey? [10s] 3 ) What are the members of the gang eating? [15s] 4 ) How many crying babies are there in the pushchair? [20s] 5 ) What are the boys doing? [25s] 6 ) Where is the man putting the pot of noodles? [40s] 7 ) What are all the people doing with their mobiles? [1mn] 8 ) What’s wrong with the passenger’s door?
9 ) What is the dog doing at the end of the clip? [1mn12] 10) Use the present perfect to answer this question!!! Why can’t the Noodleman deliver any more noodle pots?[end of the clip]

Send your answers to : [email protected] before the 5th of January.

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