In plain clothes

superheroWhat do superheroes wear when they’re not saving the world ? 


Batman is always in a black costume and black shoes. He has a black cloak on too.
But today, he is sleeping in his bed and he is wearing a pair of pyjamas. (Sarah T.)
Superman always wears a blue, red and yellow outfit and a cloak but today he is wearing blue jeans, a grey sweatshirt and a black jacket.
Catwoman always wears a black costume and a black cat-mask but today she is wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, a black leather jacket and black patent-leather shoes (Elsa H.)
Batman always wears a black and grey top with a yellow bat on it, black tights, a dark cloak and a black mask. 
But now he is wearing casual jeans, a blue tee-shirt, city shoes and a grey cardigan. (Etienne G.)

He usually wears a green uniform and a green and yellow mask. He usually fights against Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy… Today, he is wearing jeans, a tee-shirt and glasses. It’s Kick Ass ! (Adam S.)

Spider-man wear blue tights, red shorts and a red top with a spider black on it.
Today, he is wearing a black and white outfit. (Djelila R.)

Batman has got a black outfit with a cloak and a mask, but today he is wearing a suit and a tie (Thomas M.)

Spiderman usually wears a red outfit, but today he is wearing swimming trunks, boots and a bra (Lea H.)

Spiderman usually wears a red outfit and a mask but today, he is wearing underpants, tights, a flowered shirt and earrings (Morgane E.)

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