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  1. International : The Police found a bomb in a prison in Koblenz, Germany. The Police had to evacuate half of the city. They had to neutralize the bomb as quickly as possible, this was planned for today.

    National: A couple questions the responsibility of the regional maternity hospital of Nancy, which refused them a medical abortion even though the medical team had diagnosed fetal abnormalities.

  2. International : The national elections began in Egypt on November 28th . They will be held until January 10th. More and more people criticize the army and accused it of discrediting the electoral process .

    National : Former coach of Boulogne’s Football Club, Michel Estevan, who had been fired in 2010, won his case against his former employers. The Arles’s labour court found Arles-Avignon Football Club guilty of breach of contract.

  3. National:
    On Saturday evening, the manager of a jewelry shop was shot dead in the head by four criminals. Witnesses said that the gangsters were hooded and very heavily armed. They managed to flee with their loot.

    Russia made it clear that they refuse to be a missile shelter.

  4. National :
    On Monday November 21st, after the horrible murder of Agnes, the French government announced new measures to deal with young offenders.

    International :
    The trial of three former khmer red leaders began four days ago in Phnom Penh, Cambodge.

  5. International:
    Yesterday’s national elections in Spain saw the victory of the centre-right Popular Party.

    The former French first lady, Danielle Miterrand died yesterday, aged 86.

  6. Last week, a 13-year-old girl was killed and burnt by a 17-year-old school mate, not far from their school at Chambon-sur-Lignon. It’s really horrible for everyone.
    On Friday 18th November, Seif al-Islam Kadhafi, Mouammar Kadhafi’s son, was arrested in the south of Libya. Lybian authorities promised to guarantee decent detention conditions.

  7. National:
    On November 20th, several hundred people,-teachers, parents and friends, took part in a pacifist march to honour the memory of Agnes, the schoolgirl who was raped and murdered by a school friend. She was only 13 years old…

    Syria’s president , Bachar Al-Assad reiterated that he would not yield to international pressure. 14 people were killed on Saturday by security forces after the death of 25 civilians in clashes with the army.

  8. National:
    On October 17th, the French National Authority for Health publicly announced that the chemicals used to sterilize nipples and baby bottles in maternity hospitals are potentially carcinogenic.

    On October 17th, the Wall Street protesters demonstrated outside Wall Street to shut down the New York Stock Exchange.

  9. International:
    A French soldier was killed yesterday during a military operation in Kapisa province in the north-east of Afghanistan. 2011 has been the deadliest year so far for the French troops. The latest casualties raised the death toll to 72 ince the French military operations started in 2001.

    Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos went before a special Paris court last week. He is accused of four terrorist attacks. On Monday November 14th, the focus of the trial was on the Marbeuf bombing : a massive car bomb exploded outside a restaurant near the Champs-Elysees at exactly 9 p.m. A woman died, ten victims were seriously injured and fifty-eight people escaped with minor injuries.

  10. International (USA):
    The U.S Supreme Court agreed to reconsider Obama’s health care reforms. The court’s decisions are likely to influence the presidential campaign.

    Three French hostages detained in Yemen were freed after five months of captivity. France denied paying a ransom.

  11. National:
    November 13th was “Kindness day”. It appeared in France for the first time only in 2008. This was the third French “Kindness day”. It was created in Japan in 1960 by the “Small Kindness Movement”. It was celebrated worldwide in 1997 by the “World Kindness Movement” and November 13th was chosen as the official date.

    On November 12th 2011, Silvio BERLUSCONI resigned as Prime Minister of Italy. Thousands of people celebrated his resignation. Mario MONTI will succeed him as Prime Minister.

  12. International:
    Hank Skinner is an American convict who was sentenced to death in Texas in 1995.
    He was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend and her two sons on December 31th 1993 at 801 East Campbell Avenue Pampa. His execution was scheduled on November 11th but postponed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

    President Nicolas Sarkozy announced yesterday during the ceremonies at the Arc de Triomphe, that November 11th will become a commemoration date for all of France’s war dead and not only for the soldiers who died during the first world war.

  13. National :
    Two French climbers were found dead in the Mont Blanc massif yesterday. The rescuers found their dead bodies lying on the icy snow.They were blocked at a height of about 4.000m because of terrible weather conditions.

    International :
    Asteroid 2005 YU55 flew within the moon’s distance from Eart at exactly at 3:28 p.m.
    It was spectacular.

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