William the Conqueror – Summaries

Guillaume the Conqueror was born in 1027, in Falaise, in Normandy.
His father was Robert  and his mother was Arlette.
His wife was Mathilda of Flanders.
He had four children Robert Courtehause, Guillaume the Red,  Adele of England and Henri Beauclerc.
His heir was Robert Coutehause.
He was king of England and Duc of Normandy.
He died on the 9 September, 1087. He was 60 years old.

The battle of Hastings occured on the 14th October, 1066.
Guillaume  was opposed to Harold Godwinson.

There were 2,000 men on horses and 5,000 soldiers on foot.
Guillaume the Conqueror won this battle.   (Laura F.)


William the Conqueror was born in 1027 in the castle of Falaise, in France. He died in 1087 in Rouen, in France. He became duke of Normandy in 1035 and king of England in 1066. His grand father  was Richard II “The Good” and his grandmother was Judith de Rennes. His father was Robert I “The Magnificent”  and his mother was Herleve.

The Battle of Hastings took place on 14th October 1066 during the Norman conquest of England, and lasted 9 hours. This battle between the English army led by King Harold II and the Norman-French Duke William II of Normandy was decisive for the future of England. Thanks to his courage and in his bravery , William won the battle and became King of England.
(Léa B.)


William the conqueror was a conqueror and a powerful King. He conquered all England. After his father’s death, he became the new duke of Normandy at the age of 8. (Enzo T.)


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