The Happiness of Children

Posted by on 21 janvier 2016

The Happiness of Children

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  1. alexisalzuria

    It’s a good idea to have chosen the theme of disability but there are some errors, and the picture up exits out a little of the frame.

  2. alexisalzuria

    « bebehave », and there are phrases that I don’t understand : »Our assocation help chidrens
    with diseases such as autism », « It will also be formated and pay
    the people who care for chidren »

  3. nathanlibat

    I agree with Alexis. There are some errors and the design have some problems ! But, I like the concept !

  4. yandesperiez

    i love page the sujet is very good

  5. willyjan

    It’s a so so work, I think this because have too much sentente and I don’t understand this.

  6. theobon

    Good page, and it’s great idea.

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