2E Reality TV Lesson 1: discover the topic

Posted by on 1 mars 2016

Today you discovered the topic of the new lesson



First we made a brainstorming about TELEVISION.

Here is the list of vocabulary you have to classify in a mindmad for Monday the 7th:


Then we watched a video

(some of you had to focus on words while the others had to focus on pictures)

The objective was to deduce the message of the video: diversity of programmes, control, manipulation

You were also presented the final project:

create an innovative concept of Reality TV show and record a presentation to send to a jury of professionals

Final Project Presentation

Finally, you worked on Reality TV genres

Reality TV Genres

For Monday the 7th, 9 students have to take notes about Reality TV shows and the rest of the students have to prepare questions. But you must be ready to interact without your notes!!!

So you’d better train yourselves…

What questions are you going to ask???

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