2B Reality TV Fever Lesson 4: Britain’s Got Talent (Susan Boyle’s incredible audition)

Posted by on 16 mars 2016

Today you watched and studied the video of Susan Boyle’s first audition in Britain’s Got Talent.

Here are the notes you took:

Notes Susan Boyle Part 1

Notes Susan Boyle Part 2

Susan Boyle What is coming next

Notes Susan Boyle Part 3

Notes Susan Boyle Part 4

Here is what we wrote to recap:

Trace écrite Susan Boyle’s first audition

And here is the full video with the sound!!!

Listen or watch carefully and answer:

Where does the show take place?

  1. Cardiff
  2. London
  3. Glasgow

How old is Susan Boyle?

  1. 37
  2. 47
  3. 57

Answer and justify: Susan Boyle has already a job.

  1. Right?
  2. Wrong?

What does she answer when Simon Cowell asks « What’s your dream? » ?

  1. to be a singer
  2. to be a professional singer
  3. to be a talented singer

What is the odd one out (l’intrus)?

  1. Fantastic
  2. Stunning
  3. Wonderful
  4. Amazing

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