2E Reality TV Fever Lesson 6: Audition video – Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Get on the bus

Posted by on 22 mars 2016

Today you worked on a document related to a famous reality tv show


Anticipation Extreme Makeover Home Edition

After anticipating on the subject, you watched the following video and took notes

Here is the recap

Audition video recap

The objective was to give you an example because

for Tuesday 29th your task is to record your own audition video…

TASK Record an audition video

To achieve and succeed in doing your task:

  • Choose the reality tv show you want to apply for
  • Introduce yourself
  • speak about your skills/ talents or personal qualities
  • give the reasons why you want to apply for this show

(what are you going to do? What would you like/ love to show? …)

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