The Abolition of Slavery

Posted by on 7 mai 2016

Abram Lincon the president of the USA decided to abbolished to slavery in the USA in 1865. Every people in the USA were involved. Today considerate Abram Lincon has a heros and slavery were prohibited and the people black and white were equal.

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  1. TSund3re

    Decided to abolish the slavery …
    Abram Lincon as a hero.

    Good text. GJ

  2. romainlauverjon

    Abraham Lincoln was a hero

    Good paragraph

  3. yandesperiez

    It’s a very good text
    Congratulation adrian

  4. willyjan

    Is Lincoln and not Lincon, but congratulation !

  5. baptistemourroux

    on 1865
    the people black and white are equal now !
    good job

  6. pierrecrestia


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