Apollo 11

Posted by on 7 mai 2016

The text deals whit Apollo 11, a mission which have the goal of wolk on the moon for the 1rst time on July, 1969.The persons involved were Neil Amstrong and Edwin Aldrin « Buzz ». The goal of this mission was to walk on the moon and return to the earth alive. The event is one of the best in America’s history.

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  1. sarahcouderc

    The text deals with the mission called « Apollo 11 » which aimed to walk on the moon for the first time and return to the Earth alive. People involved were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin nicknamed « Buzz » who walked on the moon in July, 1969. The event is considered as one of the best in America’s history.

  2. leablanquart

    The mission was launched from the Kennedy Space Center July 16, 1969 by géanteSaturn V rocket developed for this program. 

  3. allisondebarros

    The first who walk on the moon is Neil Armstrong , in july , 20-21 , 1969

  4. chloebergeret

    this event is concidered like one of the most importanr moment of America’s history

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