The Mayflower

Posted by on 7 mai 2016

In 1620 and 1621, americains helped people to leave England. The people would to rebuild ans nem life in America. The American helped them with the Mayflower the ship of the expedition. They accosted in a new world. In the Mayflower they was 100 passengers. In this new world, without the help oh Native amercians the passengers could be die. The americans celebrate thanksgiving.

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  1. sarahcouderc

    From 1620 to 1621, Americans helped people to leave England because they wanted to start from scratch. For this, they used a ship called « the Mayflower » which transported 100 passengers. In this new world, the passengers would be dead without the Native Americans’s help. Because of this event, in today’s America they celebrate « Thanksgiving ».

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