Boston Tea Party

Posted by on 8 mai 2016

The event is the Boston Tea Party wich took place in 1773 in Boston.

What happened ? The Boston’s people threw shipment of tea. The people ivolved are the resident who lives in Boston. The goal is to wear costume to look like Indians.

Now, the impact on today’s America is that the America is independent from England.

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  1. romainlauverjon

    Boston Tea Party which took place
    Nice text

  2. alexisalzuria

    Where the people threw shipment of tea ?

  3. charlottepouilly

    it’s a good text.

  4. yandesperiez

    It’s a start of saint Patrick???
    It’s a good texte

  5. corentinmalesieu

    Good job

  6. pierrecrestia


  7. dkootstra

    Remember that it was in the past!

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