We can see here one of the many consequences of the global warming : the melting of the ice. Because of that the ice is melting and the water level is going up. MSo the polar bears’ home is melting, and, as consequence, they are dying faster and in a few time, we won’t be able to see polars  because all of them will disappear.

By: Lohann, César, Simon, Victor and Sylvain



Here is a new article and the first of the  » Funny Warming Gallery  » ! So, we can see two skulls in a desert. They symbolize the two opinions about the Global warming: The first one is that the global warming EXIST, is true and dangerous. People who wants to ignore the global warming chooses the second opinion: global warming does not exist and the temperature is getting hotter and hotter only because the earth is in a cycle. We can’t choose for you, think what you want!

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By Simon, Victor, Sylvain, Lohann and Cesar

Global Warming

Global Warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of the Earth which causes the rise in the water level.
The global warning is owed to :
The global warming causes the green hause effect.

The global warming causes the ice melted aproximatly 2,6% by decades, she could disappear in 2016. The ice has melted 50% during 1950-1975.
The melted of ice could causes the disparition of some animals like white bears or pinguins.


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Global warming has many causes, pollution is one of them.
The main cause of the pollution is cars.
At the moment, in France, there are problems because of the environment.
As a solution, the 16th of march, in Paris, there was a trafic management : only cars with an even number on the registration plate were allowed to drive. The others had to take the public transport
As consequence buses and bikes locations wee free.
But the pollution was so serious that the pupils were not allowed to do sports in the big cities

By : Emma Baché, Lucile, Marianne and Jade.


First, welcome to our blog! Here you are in a special place! The « Funny Warming Gallery ».

This galery will make you laugh about ecology! Global Warming is a really important issue but we will tell you so many times in the rest of the blog! So, there will be photos, caricatures and funny  texts about Global Warming.

Stop being too serious, let’s have some fun! Enjoy!

Global warming

Mis en avant

This blog is about global warming.

We are in year 9 in portail rouge high school. In european section we are working about global warming with Mr Merieux.

You’ll find some information, actualities, quizzes, games and useful piece of advice about the environment. In our school we are going to interview our teachers about what they do for the environment.

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