Why should we recycle ?


Waste recycling can :

– Save natural resources such as timber (paper, cardboard), oil (plastic), sand (glass).
– Save energy as electricity used to make products recycling avoids remanufactured. Some wastes are burned to produce heat (heating homes) plants.
– Reduce pollution because it does not need to remake some objects: glass bottles, cans … We reduced the number of discharges that are polluting and dirty.
– Preserve the environment because we need less natural material.

Where are the wastes going ? :

1. The wastes are unloaded in a hangar
2. The machines open the bags and then they depart on a carpet where they are sorted according to their category
3. The wastes fall in baskets and thepaper remains on the carpet
4. Wastes are baled and sent to recycling centers

By : Lucile MERLO, Jade ALGARRA, Emma BACHÉ and Marianne GETENET !

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