Eco-Citoyen club


Mr. Lavigne


 In our school, there is a club to protect the environment, the two biology teachers, Mr Lavigne and Mrs Wolniak, and the documentalist Mrs Moulin, are in the charge of the club.The group meets every Monday during lunchtime.

This year, the club is planting some flowers on the playground. They make a big flower clump over a plan chosen by the CVC (Conseil de la Vie Collégienne ) each member voted for its favorite flower clump plan, and the one who had the majority of votes was planted.

Last year, they built a bin to gather the used batteries, and printing cardriges. This bin is located in the hall of the college.

The make schooltrips every year. Last year, they organise little outing to the waste disposal.


By : Marianne GETENET, Emma BACHÉ , Jade ALGARRA and Lucile MERLO


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