Climate Change !


 Here is a little animation in a short film about climate change.

What’s the Climate change ?

The current climate change is mainly due to the emission of greenhouse gases from human activities . These  emissions are due for more than three quarters only to carbon dioxide (CO ?). Consumption of fossil fuels ( energy production, vehicle fuel , home heating , industry) is by far the most offending sector. But it is important not to forget the change of land use , including deforestation, which is in second place in terms of responsibility for the increase in global greenhouse gas emissions ( 17 % of global emissions )

Global warming introduces an additional factor of inequality and disparity between the different geographical areas of the world. The populations of the world’s poorest countries are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but they are the least responsible . Developing countries are indeed not able to guard against the impact of the phenomenon and adapt.

By : Lucile MERLO, Marianne GETENET, Jade ALGARRA and Emma BACHÉ

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