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February 2009
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Father at 13 !

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

You may have heard about Alfie Patten, 13 and his girlfriend Chantelle 15 who had a baby (Maisie) last week. The young parents are living with Chantelle’s mother Penny, 38, father Steve, 43, and five siblings in a council house in Eastbourne. The family lives on benefits.

For this weekend the two children find themselves at the centre of a global media feeding frenzy, bidding wars, contracts and the promise of hundreds of thousands of pounds – a sum many will see as a distinctly inappropriate return for a night of playing unprotected mothers and fathers. At least 15 television companies are locked in a fierce battle to make a documentary about the cherubic teenager’s young fatherhood, and media experts estimate Alfie could earn up to half a million pounds.

Despite what has been said about Alfie Patten, not all young families end in disaster.

James Sutton, from Manchester, became Britain’s youngest father of twins in 1999 when aged 13. James was only 12 when his 16-year old girlfriend, Sarah Drinkwater, conceived. The press predicted a bleak future but, a decade on, as well as looking after Leah and Louise, the couple have also had a third daughter, Ellie. After working full-time, James saved and bought the family their own £100,000 home. He helped look after the children while Sarah went through university. Speaking in 2007, James said: “If I could do it again I’d have waited until I was in my 20s, because I missed out on my own childhood.”

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25 Things I Hate About Facebook

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

A funny video, as everyone seems to be on Facebook now … (everyone, even myself …)

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