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Texts can be great for business but don’t overdo it

Feargal Quinn

Published 28/08/2014 | 02:30 THE IRISH INDEPENDENT

Text messaging is a great marketing tool when properly used

Text marketing is a bit like all other forms of marketing in that if it is not used correctly, or is overly used, it can have a negative effect with consumers and end up with these very same consumers requesting that they be taken off your database.

The idea behind text marketing is excellent. It is instant, timely and allows you to personalise to some degree the message you are giving.

I met a business owner recently who had spent some time testing different types of wording and found that when he included his name on the text, the response rate jumped by 20pc. His conclusion was consumers were far more likely to read a text if it was worded in the same way as one would send any other texts and includes your name at the end of it.

The most powerful example I can give you of a successful text initiative was a florist who decided to send a text to all customers on the database on the Monday of the week preceding Mother’s Day. The text was simple and read: “Kim here, from Liberty Flowers. Just to remind you that next Sunday is Mother’s Day.” The result was phenomenal. They doubled their business compared to the same week last year and lots of customers actually thanked them for reminding them well in advance and providing them with a solution.

Of course there are rules and regulations that are associated with maintaining any database and, first and foremost, you need to have the customer’s permission to use their mobile number.

Secondly, do not over use the database and, as a rule of thumb, I would advise not to send a text to customers more than once a month.

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