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Warning on obesity in Northern Ireland

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Most people in Northern Ireland could be obese by 2050 if immediate action is not taken, according to a report.

The problem could spiral to unmanageable levels, the Northern Ireland Assembly’s health committee warned.

Up to 60% of men and half of women could be badly overweight with massive strain on healthcare budgets.


The committee’s report said: ‘Growing levels of obesity will continue to generate enormous costs to society, particularly the health and social care sector in the years ahead.

‘Given this and the potential for significant cost benefits, we believe it is imperative that substantial and sustained resources are provided to implement the new life course strategy.’

Committee chairman Jim Wells said: ‘The committee was shocked at the prevalence of obesity in our society.

‘The health complications that are associated with it affect all of our people, both young and old.’

The committee urged that funding be earmarked and not consumed by other emerging priorities.

It called on the Public Health Agency to make tackling obesity its top priority and bring together all government bodies. The report also said the PHA should maintain a central database of projects.

The report recommended that the NI Department of Health should commission an urgent audit of obesity-related initiatives so examples of good practice can be rolled out more widely.

The report added: ‘We call on the minister (Michael McGimpsey) as a matter of urgency to undertake a comprehensive review of weight management services at all levels for adults and children.’

The paper also highlighted the need to develop a broad strategy to tackle obesity across different population groups.

Mr McGimpsey said obesity was blamed for thousands of lost working days and cost the Northern Ireland economy £500 million per year.

Mr McGimpsey said tackling the issue was a priority for the future and he said he welcomed all advice on combating obesity.

More mixed couples tying the knot

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

A by-product of the end of the Troubles in Northern Ireland has been a rise in the number of mixed marriages between Catholics and Protestants.

It is estimated that about one in 10 of all marriages in Northern Ireland are now mixed.

This followed a sharp decrease during the Troubles, when the fear of violence and intimidation and the resulting polarisation of communities, prevented many cross-community relationships.

In the last 10 years, when social life has returned to a certain normality, more and more young people are meeting who probably wouldn’t have met before.

In the past, mixed marriages had been easier for couples who could afford to buy a new home and so to live in a more integrated, “safer” area.

Research has shown that in Northern Ireland 95% of all social housing estates are lived in mainly by people of one religion.

more information here

Walls remain in divided Belfast

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

In Berlin they have been marking 20 years without their wall, in Belfast the division of the city remains set in concrete, wire and fencing.

But that does not mean people are happy with the status quo.

On Monday, a group of youths gathered at the peaceline on Lanark Way, which separates the Protestant Shankill Road from the Catholic Falls Road.

Andrea Maskey, from Falls Road said that the walls should be removed.

“I don’t really think there is a need for them any more, they should be taken down. Everybody else in the world has taken theirs down, so why can’t we?”

Matthew McMullen from Springmartin said that only when people came together would the walls fade into the past.

“They’re protective but I don’t like the sight of them, I would prefer them to come down,” he said.

The walls were a symptom of the “division and fear” that remained between the two traditions that dominate the city.

PeaceWallGates.jpg image by coolershaka

Semaine du Cinéma Européen

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

J’avais déjà fait un article sur “Hunger” ici avec la BO et un extrait du film. Ce film est très émouvant au point que je ne pense pas emmener de classe le voir. Ce film est fort, très fort et même dérangeant. Je vous encourage fortement à aller le voir si vous le pouvez.

Deux autres films britanniques sont à l’affiche.

Fish Tank, primé à Cannes (prix du jury). Il passe bientôt, allez le voir !

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Bloody Sunday

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Still about The Troubles in Northern Ireland, watch “Bloody Sunday” :

Here is the trailer (poor image quality, sorry) :

YouTube Preview Image

This other video is also taken from the movie but it is subtitled in Spanish 😉

YouTube Preview Image


Monday, November 24th, 2008

J’ai récupéré quelques images du film “Hunger” primé à Cannes cette année et qui j’espère va bientôt sortir en France. Il raconte la grève de la faim de Bobby Sands et de ses camarades prisonniers en Irlande du Nord pour obtenir le statut de prisonnier politique que leur déniait Margaret Thatcher . Je ne sais pas encore comment utiliser ce film s’il sort, ni avec quelle classe. Je voulais juste mettre quelques images (dures, je vous préviens, mais réalistes) de ce film.

Lien ici vers l’article de Rue89

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

The Troubles in Northern Ireland

Friday, August 29th, 2008

This video (although it is a bit long) describes some of the events leading to The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

This is an excellent background to the film “Bloody Sunday” that I highly recommend.

YouTube Preview Image