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How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first royal engagement compares to William and Kate’s

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first royal engagement compared to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Just a few days after announcing their engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made their first official royal engagement as a couple.

Harry and Markle  carried out two separate engagements. The first was a visit to a charity fair hosted by the Terrence Higgins Trust to mark World Aids Day – a cause the Prince is famously passionate amount. The next is to Nottingham Academy where they will meet teachers and staff from Full Effect, a programme which aims to support at risk children and young people.

This step is the first of many for Meghan as she prepares to join the family and focus on her charity and humanitarian work after moving away from her acting career.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have given their first interview since their engagement was announced. Here are seven things we learned about their relationship.

The couple went on holiday together after two dates

Just weeks after they met, Prince Harry convinced Ms Markle to join him on a trip to Botswana.

“We camped out with each other under the stars,” the prince said.

“She came and joined me for five days out there, which was absolutely fantastic.”

He said being away allowed them to get to know each other without the usual pressures of royal life.

Harry designed the ring

They knew nothing about each other when they met

Ms Markle credited her American background – and lack of exposure to British tabloids – with allowing her to get to know Prince Harry naturally and organically.

For his part, the prince had never seen Suits, the American legal drama in which Ms Markle stars, and had never even heard of her before they met.

They were both pleasantly surprised by their blind date.

“I was beautifully surprised when I walked into that room and saw her,” he said.

“I was like, ‘I’m really going to have to up my game here’.”

Ms Markle is leaving her acting career

The pair also announced that Ms Markle will not continue acting.

“I don’t see it as giving anything up. I see it as a change. It’s a new chapter…” she said.

“Now it’s time to work as a team with you,” she said as she turned to Prince Harry.

They talked about forging a new role for themselves as a couple, focusing on the humanitarian causes over which they first bonded.

The prince said Ms Markle would easily take to the role of being a member of the Royal Family and said they were a “fantastic team”.

Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken

he couple described a quiet night at home, cooking a roast chicken together, when the prince surprised Ms Markle by getting down on one knee.

Ms Markle described the moment.

It was “just a cosy night… trying to roast a chicken and it just – just an amazing surprise.

“It was so sweet and natural and very romantic,” she said.

And it was an instant “yes” from Ms Markle.

“I could barely let you finish proposing, I said – ‘can I say yes now’?”

The corgis like Meghan

Ms Markle confirmed that one of her two dogs has followed her to London.

And Prince Harry revealed the Queen’s corgis took to her “straight away” when she met the monarch.

They are looking forward to having children

Prince Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their third child next year.

But Ms Markle laughed when Prince Harry’s answer to a question about their plans for having children was “not currently”.

The prince added: “One step at a time and hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.”

Monarchy money

Friday, January 31st, 2014

In a recession, what price the monarchy? Most workers have had wages frozen for the past two years, and the cost of living has risen, so many are worse off in real terms. For the Royal Family, it’s a different story – George Osborne awarded the Queen a 5.2% rise (around £2 million) from next April, giving her an annual income of £37.9 million.  In return, her finances are subject to public scrutiny – and it seems that the Royal Household isn’t good at balancing their books – overspending by £2.3 million last year.

The Royal palaces are falling into disrepair and there’s only £1 million left in the kitty to patch things up. What’s to be done? At present, Buckingham Palace is only open for two months of the year – and it’s well known that the Queen loathes staying there, preferring to be based at Windsor (even with jets flying overhead).

Windsor Castle: The Queen’s favoured residenceShe also spends lengthy periods at the two huge country estates she owns, Balmoral and Sandringham. Buckingham Palace is used for official banquets and investitures, and when I attended a buffet lunch for successful women a few years ago, there might have been Old Masters on the walls,
but in the fireplaces were ugly two bar electric fires, the kind of thing my mum threw out in 1960.

By the way, we now have the third most expensive monarchy in Europe, after Norway and the Netherlands. Spain seems a bargain at £6.8 million a year. Mind you, the French presidency costs taxpayers a staggering £91 million – and they don’t even have a figurehead who wears fabulous clothes and a priceless crown!

I’ve got two simple ways for the Queen to cut costs – they are radical, but would send the right message to the electorate. Option one – all the Royals could live together in one London base. At present, they occupy Clarence House, St James’ Palace, Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, meaning unnecessary duplication of security staff, cleaners, cooks, butlers, gardeners and footmen. Let them all fill up Buckingham Palace in one Royal Commune, they’d hardly run into each other. One kitchen for all. One centralized clothing care facility. One garage. A nursery for royal babies. You know it makes sense. The other palaces can be sold off or opened as tourist attractions. They all have country piles to spend the weekends in anyway.

Option two – the Queen could vacate Buckingham Palace altogether, and be based at Windsor, where investitures and banquets can take place. Then Buck House can be turned into a visitor attraction and conference centre, state rooms open all year round, along with the gallery. Weddings can take place in the chapel with brides paying extra for their Diana moment on the balcony (£1,000 for ten minutes). The kitchens can cater for big events, at a price.

The Queen is essential for tourism, but in the age of the theme park she needs experts to turn this white elephant into a money-spinner.



Royals Lorde

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
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The Royal Channel on YouTube

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Complete coverage of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton :

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Royal Romance

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

a funny video made by guys from St Andrew’s University (where William studied)

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