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Independent Scotland faces ‘significant’ fiscal gap

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Scotland’s ageing population, declining North Sea oil revenues and higher borrowing costs will create a perfect storm if the country breaks away from Britain, Institute for Fiscal Studies warns


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National Anthems

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

As the Six-Nation Rugby tournament is starting off this week-end here are a selection if the anthems you will hear (and be able to sing, thanks to the lyrics for some of them)

The British Anthem (sung by the English squad) :

YouTube Preview Image

The Scottish Anthem , “Flower of Scotland” (not the pipe version …)

YouTube Preview Image

The Welsh national anthem (Land of my fathers). It is sung in Welsh but you’ll get a translation in English thanks to this video :

YouTube Preview Image

The Irish National Anthem sung in Croke Park :

YouTube Preview Image

La version sous-titrée en Gaëlique + Ireland’s Call qui est l’hymne pour toute l’île (rappel : contrairement au football, l’équipe de rugby a toujours compté dans ses rangs des joueurs nord-irlandais et des joueurs de la République.)

YouTube Preview Image

Amy McDonald “Mr Rock & Roll”

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I had already posted “This is the Life” by Amy McDonald on this blog and here is “Mr Rock & Roll” from her debut album.

Amy McDonald is a Scottish singer and songwriter. You will her her strong but loverly Scottish accent in the second video of this article.

She started playing on-stage acoustic gigs at the age of 15 ! Her main influences include Travis (find them on YouTube, they’re Scottish too and they are great !) and The Libertines. In fact, she is a self taught musician (which means she learnt to play music all by herself !) and started to play her father’s guitar after being inspired by Travis at the T in the Park Festival in 2000, where she heard Travis’ song “Turn” (great song by the way !) and wanted to play it herself.

YouTube Preview Image

And now, a short interview of Amy with her charming Scottish accent 😉

YouTube Preview Image