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The business of football

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

ON TUESDAY June 9th Real Madrid, a Spanish football club, sealed the transfer of Kaká from Italy’s AC Milan for €65m ($90m), the second-priciest deal in history. Real will also pay the Brazilian player over €200,000 a week. However, Spain’s top league spends less on wages, measured as a proportion of its revenue, than counterparts in France and Italy.



read more about it here

National Anthems

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

As the Six-Nation Rugby tournament is starting off this week-end here are a selection if the anthems you will hear (and be able to sing, thanks to the lyrics for some of them)

The British Anthem (sung by the English squad) :

YouTube Preview Image

The Scottish Anthem , “Flower of Scotland” (not the pipe version …)

YouTube Preview Image

The Welsh national anthem (Land of my fathers). It is sung in Welsh but you’ll get a translation in English thanks to this video :

YouTube Preview Image

The Irish National Anthem sung in Croke Park :

YouTube Preview Image

La version sous-titrée en Gaëlique + Ireland’s Call qui est l’hymne pour toute l’île (rappel : contrairement au football, l’équipe de rugby a toujours compté dans ses rangs des joueurs nord-irlandais et des joueurs de la République.)

YouTube Preview Image

This man can save English football

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Are you a soccer/football fan ? Read this interesting article about Michel Platini and his vision of the game in the Observer, a British newspaper. The journalist evokes his career , his values and his views on  English football.