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Exercices de grammaire


Notre établissement possède depuis plusieurs années un échange linguistique avec deux établissements britanniques. Ce type d’échange permet à nos élèves d’apprendre à connaître le système éducatif du pays dont ils pratiquent la langue, à assister à des cours dans la classe de leur correspondant et enfin de vivre pendant une semaine dans une famille britannique en partageant leur mode de vie tout en mettant en pratique la langue anglaise.

L’échange s’effectue conjointement avec deux établissements britanniques. Le premier, Altrincham Grammar School for boys scolarise uniquement des garçons. Pour permettre à nos élèves filles de participer à cet échange, nous avons le concours d’un établissement de filles, Loreto Grammar School for girls, situé à peu de distance de l’établissement de garçons. Les deux écoles sont situées dans une banlieue calme de Manchester en Angleterre,   Altrincham.

L’échange se déroulera en deux temps. Dans un premier temps, nos élèves de section européenne 3ème, rendront visite à leurs correspondants en décembre 2016 puis les Britanniques séjourneront à Saintes dans les familles françaises en 2017.

Voici les sites des deux écoles.

Loreto Grammar School:

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

Voyage 2017 – 20108

Réunion 26/01/18 Réunion CR 2601

Vous pouvez voir ici les « Selfie Videos » que les élèves ont fait pour se présenter à leurs correspondants anglais.

Réunion Manchester du 17/11/2017 Réunion manchester CR

Aprés une longue journée les enfants ont retrouvé leurs correspondants à l’aéroport de Manchester.

Thursday, December 7th:

Today, I went to England and met my english exchange partner in Manchester.
This morning at we took a bus to go to thE airport at Limoges.
At 2 pm we ate our lunch after eating lunch we showed our passport to security and i put my luggage on the convayer belt where my luggage was then put on the plane by a member of staff.

At 3.00 pm we boarded the plane and we stayed on the plane for 2 hours.
On the plane i listened to music.
After the plane i showed my passport again to security.
Afterwards i took my luggage off the convayer belt.
And after that i met my english exchange and her family and we went to Mac Donald for dinner and i then Went to her House.

Marine B

This morning ,we took the bus to Limoges and We arrived at half-past two.
We had lunch quickly and We took a plane.

That’s funny ,when we arrived ,We recovered our baggage and we met our English partners ,some were in uniforms.

Then ,we went in their home and we ate a traditional dinner while we spoke in English ,it was difficult of the start but it got easier.


Friday, December 8th:


This morning , I got ready for school with my partner Daisy. We arrived at school at 8:45am. Registration was fifteen minutes, very short ! We even said a prayer! After was Latin , I found it quite fun and very interesting but it took a long time! Next , I had mathematics and it was almost the same work as we do in France but more difficult. Then, I ate my lunch in the canteen with my friends, it was delicious! This afternoon, I went to visit Altrincham’s village with my French teachers and friends , it was so much fun !

I woke up at 7:00 and for my breakfast i eat a toast.
I Went in the car to school. I went to lessons in The morning. In the afternoon i went to altrincham.
Later i went to christmas markets.


Saturday, December 9th

Today I got up at 9.30am to go shopping. I joined Priscilla, Samantha and another High School girl. Their correspondents were very jealous. We have been in several stores and then we ate at a Chinese restaurant. Then Alissa and her correspondent we joined and we continued our shopping. We are back around 17.30 to prepare ourselves. Then we go to Samantha and her correspondent for a party


We leaved his home at 10 o’clock to go to Lemington Spa, the journey was 2 hours. On the road there was a lot of snow.

When we got there we ate gumbo for celebrate thanskgiving and we played at « hide and seek ». It was good and the friends of the partners parents talked to me so i spoke in french a little. I helped one of the friends practice french for their A-level. The food was good, and there was lots.


Today we woke up at 9:00 am and it was snowing so after we eat waffles with chocolate and raspberry, we do a snowball fight and it was very crazy.

After that we do Rocket league matches and I won many games. At 11:00 am we go to Tegg’s nose country park in Macclesfield and there was a lot of snow so we do sledge and it was funny. Then we ate sandwich with bacon, tomato, chicken and salad and it was good. The match of Altrincham Fc was cancelled so we go to bought a Christmas tree in a farm. At 4:30 pm we came back home and we drank hot chocolate with mince pie, an English specialty. After we play fortnite on Xbox. It’s a very good day.


Hello everybody,
Today was a very nice day; I did some shopping with Isabelle, Libby and Marine.
I woke up at 8:30 to go to the train station at 10:00 and it was snowing. I took the train with Libby and Marine to arrive in Manchester. We visited the central library, it was very big and really interesting.

After, we saw the Christmas markets where we ate Dutch pancakes with nutella (it was very good) and Marine and me bought a candle. After that, we went to JD and had a lot to choose from because it was very big.It was not expensive, so Marine and i bought the same t-shirt. After, we visited the cathedral, where there was a choir inside with a beautiful organ. We also lit an altar candle.
We ate a Subway sandwich at 13:30.
Then, we walked to another shopping center, and we went in Yankee Candle and Primark. Libby and Isabelle, our exchange partners, bought a jumper from Primark.
After that, at 16:15, we ate in a Chinese restaurant. I had curry chicken which was very good, and then we walked back to the station and went home.

Sunday, December 10th

THis morning I got up to eat around 10 o’clock. I had an egg with two slices of bread and cereal. After I took my shower and we went for a walk with the mother and brocher of Jasmine and a friend of her mother and her daughter Isobel. We walked for one hour and the we stopped to eat at a restaurant. It snowed a lot, we have 30 minutes outside with the snow, we snowballed…. On the way back we player wii.


Today I woke up late because it is the weekend .
I ate some milk with cereals and orange juice and after I got dressed . Then at 12.00 oclock I went to the trafford center with Kiana ,Marie and our partners . We did Laser game it was very funny . At 14.00 oclock we ate macdonalds for lunch , it was really difficult for Kiana and me to talk with the server to take or command. After we went to shopping and I bought trousers . With Kiana we wore fur coats and we took photos with , we enjoyed it .


Today in the morning , I went to Knutsford it’s a village . I went there because the mother of my coress has a chrismas run ! She had a run 10 kilometer and it’s very difficult . And during the run with her family we went to a bar to drink a hot chocolate .

The afternoon with the family I went to the trempoline park and it’s very cool.


This Morning I went shopping with my partner and after I ate soup and pasties this is verry good,this afternoon i want to the castle which was called « Beeston Castle » and there was lots of snow so I played in the snow and I built a snow man

After we went to the salon of tea in the golf club in Cheshire (next to Manchester) the name of golf club was « Mottram Hall »and we come back to the home of my partner.
So was a good day at english and today I learn a lot of things.


Today we went to liverpool.

The boys joined the girls and Miss Coat in the bus. When we arrived in liverpool we went to the beatles museum and we filled in our notebooks, after that it was lunchtime .
When we were eating a bird attacked crystal and it took her sandwich.

When we had finished eating the class went to the slave museum and we still had to fill in our notebooks . We took the bus to come back to Altrincham. It was a very interesting day and we had lots of fun.


In Liverpool we visited the Beatles Museum « The Beatles Story ».We had fun this is a very nice museum!

After this visit we had a picnic in the harbor. After the meal we visited the Liverpool Maritime Museum « Merseyside Maritime Museum »
This museum tells the story of Liverpool how the harbor and maritime traffic develope. It also tells the story of slavery. This museum is full of history is very cultivating.

Leaving the museum we have free neighborhood. With Alisa we bought souvenirs for our family and some sweets ????.
We returned to Altrincham for 3:45 pm. I had a nice day


Today we are going to liverpool by bus. First, we visited the Beatles Museum which was very big and very pretty.

Then we went to visit another museum, the museum of international SLAVERNY MUSEUM which was also great, we had to answer questions or requests were written a little everywhere in the museum.

Then we went to eat and finally, we had 40 minutes of free times to go to buy what we wanted.


Hello yesterday we visited Liverpool
Firstly we went to the Beatles museum and completed a worksheet after that we went to eat the lunch. Secondly we visited the slave museum and after we had forty-five minutes for buy anything but Maël went next to the port and he came back late and we had to wait After we returned to house of our exchange partner

Ethan Better late than never…

Tuesday, December 12th

Today I woke up and walked to school with Georgia and her sister. When we got to school we went to registration and then after I went to the conference room because Georgia had a test. We then went to English. After the break we had pe twice and played dodgeball. At lunch I had food and then went up to do my presentation however it wouldn’t work so I couldn’t do it. We watched everyone else’s though.

Afterwards we then went home to Katie’s house.


Today we went to school all the day. We started at 8:40 and we finished at 15:25. I was in the same class of Antonin. We started the lessons by social education, then by physical education. After P.E. We had a break and after this we went to history. We had the lunch and then we went to french and after technology. We came back at home, we ate, and we went to the laser quest with all the french and english partners.



Today I go in secondary school with my exchange partner: first I go in history, with Axel I have look short film. After I go in physics. I  eat in the cantine and Logan have 3 test in german english and in Sciences.
At the night with other pupils I play Laser game.


Wednesday, December 13th

Today, we went to the Manchester. We visited the city. It is beautiful. The girls and the boys walked to the town hall, it is very big and church.

There were statues of known people such as Victoria and Albert (husband of Victoria). And finally we went to the library, It is very very very big.


I walked and took a tram after after that I went to Manchester by tram and visited the city with my teachers and my class.

We visited the town hall, the church St Mary, the library John Rylands

and after we took the tram back but there was a problem so we took the bus. Then we waited for our exchange partners and went home.


This morning, I get on trams « MetroLink » to go Manchester. There were my friends and the exchange partners of boys. We visited Cathedral, Shambles square, Urbis, Royal Exchange Theatre etc. The exchange partners explained in French every monuments. The cathedral is very beautiful. The library is very interesting. After the visit, we went to eat and We get on trams to go in school but there was a problem on the trams so we have to get on bus.


Thursday, December 14th

Today was the last day. We left Altrincham School at 9:15. We arrived at the Manchester airport at 10:00. We registered our bags and we had lunch early (10:30). We did shopping between 11:30 and 12:30 and we saw Cyril Hanouna, it was very nice. We were controlled at 13:00 and we got out the plane at 13:30.

I was next to Idriss but there were turbulence and we were afraid.

We came back to France at 16:30 and, after, we took the bus. Eveybody was tired but we spent good time together. We arrived in Edgar Quinet at 19:40 and we was happy to meet our family.

It was a wonderfyl trip. Thank you very much.


Today is a last day , I go to the aéroport at 9.45 in the morning and I took of at 13.40 pm Manchester to Limoges . After by bus Limoges to Saintes for to go in the family












Voyage 2016-2017

Vous pouvez voir ici les « Selfie Videos » que les élèves ont fait pour se présenter à leurs correspondants anglais.

Vous pouvez voir le film de notre semaine à Manchester ici.

Manchester 1st – 8th December 2016

Thursday, December 1st

Day 1: we left school at 10 to noon with the bus. We laughed a lot, spoke a lot, we did mannequin challenge and we took many photos. And after, we arrived at the airport in Limoges at 14:30 , we ate together a sandwich. At 16:35, we embarked for Manchester. In the plane, we spoke and took photos of the sunset.

At 17:30 (English time), we arrived in Manchester and we were welcomed by us exchange partner’s family.

Marie Chassignol

We left Saintes at 12 o’clock by bus after recovering our identity cards
-During the journey in the bus, we laughed so much and we took lots of photos
-We arrived in the airport of Limoges at about 14:30 and we waited for the boarding

-We entered in the plane at 16:30 and we arrived in Manchester airport at about 17:20

-Each pupil joined their exchange partner and went at home with family.

Maeline Gomez

Friday, December 9th

Day 2: Today, I went to the school with my English exchange partner. We went in biology during one hour and after we go in Spanish during one hour too, there was a test in Spanish. After that, there was the break. The other French people and me meet up. After, we visited the school then we ate at the canteen.



After that we go out and we waited for the teachers to go visit Altrincham.


The French people from the school for boys and the French people from the school for girls met up. We made a team of 4 people and we walked and visited Altrincham to answer the questions for the quiz. Finally at 15 h 30, we returned home.

Gaetan Galisson

Today, I visit their college and we were in class with correspondent. We had lunch and we visited Altrincham by making a treasure hunt on team. I was with Nathan, Paul and Thomas, we were not very strong but we managed.


Hugo Tombu

First I did two hours of history then I stayed in the library one hour because there wasn’t place in the biology class and I went in English. After lunch I visited Altrincham but I l was a little lost. When I went at home I talked a bit with Grace’s mother then I stayed in my bedroom to read.

Pauline Ricomet

Today, I got up at 7:30am. We had breakfast. We walked to school. His house is not far away. We had chemistry and biology and after this we visited the school. The school is really beautiful.


In the afternoon, the European section visited the downtown Altrincham. Today was good.

Manon Sudan

 Saturday, December 3rd
 Day 3: Today we are in our host families.
My partner, Faye, and her sister play hockey and this morning they had a game so I went to watch they. They won the game. After we return at home and my partner, her parents, her brother and her sister took the train and the tram to went in Manchester. We went in Primark, a big shop, and we had lunch. This afternoon we were in the Christmas Markets in Manchester, it’s a very very big market were are a lot of people.
This evening my partner and me are going to meet the other French pupils.
It’s a very good day.
Elsa Guillet
Hello everybody,
Today it’s the start of the weekend so with our host family we have an activity. I saw my penfriend’s brother playing football when my exchange partner played a match of rugby.
After that we had lunch, we were in hockey club to watch the match of England against Australia.  And after that we went in Christmas fair in school for boys and I won a bottle of Apple juice.
Then we played in trampoline Parks Hugo and his exchange partner.
And tonight we will go in party of all the French and English.
Nathan Maige
 Sunday, December 4th 

Day 4: Today I woke up at nine o clock and I had my breakfast. After, with Tom and his mother we went to the station. I took the train with Tom to go to Chester. We visited the city and we ate here. After that the father picked up us and we went to walk in mountains in Wales. We went up two big hills and we were able to see magnificent landscapes (unfortunately there was too much wind so I can not photograph them).

We saw walls which separated the two countries and we came back at the car and we returned at home.
Paul Caillaud
Today I woke up at 10:00 am to be ready before 1:00 pm to go to Trafford Center. A great big shopping center with more than 200 shops. On the road I could see the football stadium Manchester United. Once we arrived we waited for Juliette and her exchange partner who is friends with mine. Then we went shopping as Kiko or H & M. After we had a smoothie (Ferrero Rocher and Smarthies). Finally at 4:30 pm we went to get Georgina and watch Suicide Squad.
Marylou Thieuleux

Sunday morning Aren’s family go to church, after that, with Aren we went to play football, with his friends and another French exchange partner, from Palissy, it was very funny.



Then we played FIFA on Aren’s XBOX. After that we went to see the match of Altrincham again Tamworth with the Aren’s father and the Aren’s brother,  it was a really good time but Alty FC lost 1-2. Then we went to Kevin’s house, Hugo’s English exchange partner. We played console and had many laughs.

Thomas Delbos


Monday, December 5th

Day 5: Today, we left from my partner at 7:50am. We arrived at the girls school at 8:35am and we went to Liverpool to visit museums at 8:50am with the bus. We arrived to Liverpool at 10:10am. We visited the Beatles story to fill out our questionnaire, it was good.


We ate lunch at 11:50 50am. We visited the international Slavery Museum at 12:40 to fill out our questionnaire, it was good. We went shopping during 45 minutes, it was very good. We took the bus back to the girls school.

 Samantha Poirier
We took the bus for Liverpool at 9am. We arrived at Liverpool at 10h10am. At 10h15am we went to visit museum of The Beatles. After the museum we ate together and we went also to the museum of slaves.
When it’s finished we had free time during 30 minutes. At 2h35pm we took the bus to come back at Altrincham. And everyone left with his exchange partner. It was a very cool day.

Elisa Gourbil

Today we spent the day to Liverpool. We left the school at 8:50 am and we arrived to Liverpool at 10:10 am. At first, we went into the Beatles museum and then in a gift shop. We ate at 11:50 am and at 12:20 am we went into International Slavery Museum.
After that, from 1:50 pm to 2:20 pm we could go shopping. We arrived at the school at 3:50pm.
Lucy Monteuil
Tuesday, December 6th

Day 6: Hello, Today is Tuesday ! So I’m going to tell you about my day.

In the morning, I took the tram and walked for going at the school. I began the lessons with my exchange partner at 9 o’clock. The lessons were religion, for two hours. After this, I had sport. Today, It was badminton. About 12 o’clock, I had to tell my hobbies. I had not really the time for eat, so I hurry up ! The afternoon, we had English. I don’t understand all the teacher said. The evening, with my friends and my exchange partner, we would like to go to the cinema but we missed the bus ! So we stayed at home.
Juliette Courivaud
Today, Tuesday, December 6th, I woke up at 7:00 o’clock. I brushed my hair and my teeth. I ate a chocolate pain and we went to school in a car at 7:45 am with Weronika and Zosia. At 8:45, we went to the canteen to talk and at 9:00 o’clock, we attended the chemistry lesson for two hours. At 10:30, we finished chemistry and went to the class for eat à little and talk. At 11:00 o’clock, we went back to the class of religion. At 11:45 am, we joined to the class of English and after we had talk about our hobbies and we had lunch on the same class. After the lunch, we had do two hours of free period. We went to the supermarket and take the bus to go home. We had ate a pizza and finally at 5:40 pm, we went to the bowling with our Friends and return to the house for sleep.
Lilou Rusaouen
On Tuesday sixth, we had lesson with our exchange partners all the day. We started at 8:45 am. At 10:40 am, it was the break, I joined Marie and Anna in the crush hall. Then, we returned in lesson. At 11:50 am, all the French people with their exchange partner joined in a room and we did our presentation of hobbies. At 3:45 pm I went back home with my exchange partner. In the evening I went to the Christmas market.
Marine Drouillard
Wednesday, December 7th
Day 7: In the morning, we left by tram to visit Manchester. It was the English exchange partners who did the visit for us. In the afternoon we returned to the boys school to present  our slideshow to our exchange partners and then we played a game. At the end of the day, we went home with our partners.
Anna Sidelsky
Today, we went to Manchester on the tram. Our exchange partners weren’t with us but English boys were. We visited some monuments like the town hall, St Mary’s church, John Rylands library
and St Ann’s place. The boy’s exchange partners presented to us the monuments in French and after we had free time for shopping.
At the afternoon, Louise, Elsa, Marie and me had a science lesson.
Finally, tonight we will go to a party with some of the exchange partners.
Ana Gales
I woke up at 6:50, then I ate strawberries with a cake, we took the bus at 7:30, there were corks (no, there weren’t but there were traffic jams!!!!), we arrived at the school at 8:35. We left with the group to join the Boys and the two girls, to take the tram to go to Manchester. The exchange partner boys made a presentation of the city and then we ate and went shopping.
To return we took the tram and we arrived at the school at about 14:00, so the afternoon we had school and I had sport and after the sport we went home at 16:00.
Marine Garnier
Thursday, December 8th
Day 7: This morning we had to say goodbye to our english familys, they gave us some presents. We all meeted in the crush hall and at 9:00 am we had to say good bye to our exchange partener, it was very touching . We were a little bit tired because we were at a party on wednesday evening. At 9:30 am we went to the airport by bus. At the airport we checked in our luggage. Than we had 1 hour and a half to eat and do shopping.
We took the plane at 2:30pm.
We arrived at the airport and we got back our luggage. After that we took the bus to saintes and we are back in our familys.
Pauline Ardon
Today, we waited in the crush hall during about 1 hour and 30 minutes. At 9:47 am we  picked up boys. We arrived at the airport at 10:08 am. We put soutbags and we finished to put bagages at 11:20 am. During about 1 hour and 30 minutes we did shopping. At 12:53 am we embarked. At 1:17 pm we went in the plane and at 1:30 pm we took off. At 4:00 pm we arrived in Limoges airport.  At 4:35 pm we went in the bus to go to the school. And at 7:00 pm we arrived in saintes.
Candice Trouvé
When I woke up I had breakfast with her family and after, I had close my pack and my bag. They gave me presents, I had chocolate, a cake and a lettre by my english family. When I left, It was hard and sad because I like them ! The grand father drove to go to school where I found my friends and we spoke about the treep and the bus came to took our and we went to the airport and there is nothing good happened. At thirteen past one I was in the plane in the place 26F at the window. The Fly was very beautiful and in Limoges my grand Mother came at the airport and gave me cakes, On the bus I was surrounded by my girlfriend and we talk and laugh. And to reach saints I had seen my mother and I jumped in her arms.
Solèa Dugraindelorge